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Gorilla G3 Decking Accessories

Gorilla G3 Decking Accessories

Available accessories for the completion of installation for Gorilla Deck(R)G3:

Finish "C" Channel

Starter Strip

Fascia "L"

Splice "H"

Fascia Adaptor & Splice for use w/ Modulus Inserts

Product Images:

Color Options:


Gorilla Deck(R) G3 Finish & Fascia
Gorilla Deck(R) G3 Starter & Splice

G3 deck accessories available in White, Adobe, Mocha Walnut, Honey Maple, Green Teak, Earl Gray

Gorilla Deck(R) G3 Fascia Adaptor
Gorilla Deck(R) G3 Fascia Splice
Modulus Inserts - 4", 6", 8", 10", 12"

Modulus inserts, Fasica Adaptor, Faschia Splice available in White, Tan, Adobe only