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Carolina Vinyl Product Information

At Carolina Vinyl, we pride ourselves on providing our customers, distributors, architects, & potential customers with the knowledge to choose the best vinyl product for specific projects & locations. We also understand that a well-informed customer is a happy customer. It is important that you do your homework when it comes to making a purchase for your residence or commercial project.

The following compilation of informational materials will help you to achieve that goal. If you have further questions regarding product information or installation, feel free to contact our knowledgeable sales staff & we'll be happy to assist you.

Carolina Vinyl Brochures

Railing - Railing product lines offered by Carolina Vinyl Products, including post, mounts & accessories

Fencing - Fencing product lines offered by Carolina Vinyl Products, including Vinyl Arbors

S-Pan - Screen enclosure system

Polar Rail

Luxury I Rail

Carolina Vinyl Architect Binder Information

Includes Manufacturer Specifications, Product Specifications, Installation Instructions & additional information required for specifying Carolina Vinyl Products for residential or commercial projects.

Vinyl Porch Rail, Fencing, Decking

Vinyl S-Pan Railing System, Cap & Base

Vinyl Post WrapVinyl Arbors/Pergolas

ESR-1657 - ICC-ESR Evaluation Report for Kodiak, Koala, Grizzly, Polar & Gorilla G3 Decking

Luxury I Rail Certification - Meets requirements for one & two family dwellings